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Heather Carter is the Candidate for the Federal Liberal Party of Canada in the riding of Niagara West-Glanbrook. Why does she want to represent you in Ottawa? Heather has seen what people can do and how they contribute to society when they are allowed to develop and thrive. She believes this government can be a powerful force to help all of us realize our true potential. For her, the most effective government is one that helps bring out the best in all of us.

Heather is the former manager of the Niagara College Business Development Centre and in her 10 years with the college has helped hundreds of businesses in the region with their start-up and operation. She is internationally recognized as a Certified Business Counsellor and has acted as technical advisor to CIDA-sponsored projects in Egypt and South Africa. Previous to her work at the college, Heather, along with her husband, John, founded and built a highly-successful software development company.

Heather has extended her support for business endeavours through participation in such organizations as the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Small Business Club Niagara, Women Moving Forward, Venture Forum Niagara, Trade Team Niagara, and the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, while reaching out to her community through her activities with the United Way and the YMCA.

Frustrated with opposition antics that were making it difficult for the minority Liberal government to put into place important programs and carry on the business of the country, Heather decided to take the important step into federal politics.

Heather has expressed a desire to work to strengthen the role of the federal government in ensuring universal access to first-rate health care and education, while leading the way in sustainable development, protection of the natural environment, and of the rights of minorities and all Canadians.

Heather’s strong business background and success has contributed to her belief in accountability, ethical management, honesty, and fiscal responsibility. She has been successful at creating exciting new programs through collaboration with business, community, and government partners.

Whether helping runaways get off the streets in Calgary, or aiding Niagara West-Glanbrook citizens get their fledgling businesses off the ground, Heather has committed her skills, experience, passion, and drive to helping others help themselves and lead better lives.

Heather has a remarkable ability to listen and learn, ensuring that the issues she represents in Ottawa are truly those of her constituents.

Heather would like to see an improvement of both immigration laws and labour laws in order that our labour and skills shortage needs are addressed more quickly and positions within our communities are adequately filled. In other words, she feels the federal government can exercise great influence in ensuring that qualified immigrant doctors, engineers, and other skilled professionals and trades people can be better employed in their chosen fields.

With so much of Canada’s economic strength still dependent on resource extraction and industry, and given the constant shifts in global markets, Heather is a strong supporter of the development of an economy more focused on knowledge and high-value skills. She is also a supporter of pension protection for all citizens but particularly for those whose working lives were spent in industries whose futures are now threatened.

Heather and husband John live in Fonthill with their two Lhasa Apso dogs – Elmo and Sandie – close to John’s two children and seven grandchildren.